2017 Asia Franchise Calendar

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Note: 2016 Edit calendar not yet finalized. All content and dates subject to change at the editors' discretion.
1.01 NEW 25 BREAKTHROUGH BRANDS: The most disruptive, daring and socially innovative brands around the globe. NEW CAREER: REBOOT: A resource-filled game plan for restarting your career in the new year. THE NEW SOCIAL COMPACT: Special report from the 2016 Global Forum at the Vatican. 1.05.16 1.09.16 12.26.16 12.22.16 12.24.16 AH
2.01 THE AGE OF DIVERSITY: A 21st century template for transforming corporate America. Deep dives into an effort that has become an increasing priority for business, highlighting the companies that are doing it spot-on, and reporting on what’s still standing in the way. THE CONNECTED COMPANY: Our reality-based guide to big-data analytics. Plus—ten cities that are getting it right. 1.02 1.06 1.23 1.19 1.21 MSH
3.01 WORLD’S MOST ADMIRED COMPANIES: The definitive report card on corporate reputation. A smart path to the American Dream. FORTUNE will report on what it takes to sustain great businesses. FORTUNE ENTREPRENEUR: 10 visionary business leaders that are disrupting everything from cancer drug discovery to urban decline—and the lessons they can teach many big- company CEOs in a heartbeat. PLUS, a guide for investing in entrepreneurial companies. 01.30 2.03 2.20 2.16 2.18 AH
3.15 100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR: The ultimate list for HR bragging rights. PLUS—PASSIONS & PERKS (quarterly special) 2.20 2.24 3.13 3.09 3.11 MSH
4.01 THE 50 WORLD’S GREATEST LEADERS: The fourth annual running of FORTUNE’s celebrated list spotlighting the globe’s 50 most effective and most inspiring leaders across business, government, sports, the nonprofit world, and more. 3.06 3.10 3.27 3.23 3.25 AH
5.01 DIGITAL HEALTH: The most feverish growth area in the economy—and the one that actually might save lives, too. Inside the digital health revolution. PLUS—Bioinnovation All-Stars. SMALL BUSINESS. BIG IDEA: SPECIAL expanded Venture/Entrepreneur section. 4.03 4.07 4.24 4.20 4.22 MSH
6.01 MIDYEAR INVESTMENT GUIDE: The stocks, funds, and other investments to make now. PLUS—New Best M&A Banks, How to Pretire Well, 25 Most Important Private Companies NEW VC AWARDS: Honoring leaders in the venture capital industry. 5.01 5.05 5.22 5.18 5.20 AH
6.15 FORTUNE 500: The list that defines “Big Business” itself: our venerable ranking of America’s largest corporations—and the companies that make the story of business worth telling. PLUS—PASSIONS & PERKS (quarterly special) 5.22 5.26 6.12 6.07 6.10 MSH
7.01 THE FUTURE OF WORK: As technology continues to remove any barriers to what we can imagine, design and produce, it’s changing virtually everything else about the way we work, too. BRAINSTORM TECH: A preview of Brainstorm Tech’s conversations on enterprise, innovation, security, privacy, and tech’s influence on the global economy. 6.05 6.09 6.26 6.22 6.24 AH
8.01 FORTUNE GLOBAL 500: Signature annual ranking of the largest companies in the world. 7.03 7.07 7.24 7.20 7.22 MSH
9.01 40 UNDER 40: Our popular annual list of the 40 most influential people in business under the age of 40. 7.31 8.04 8.21 8.17 8.19 AH
9.15 CHANGE THE WORLD: The third annual list of 50 companies that are doing well by doing good. FASTEST-GROWING COMPANIES: The 100 hottest companies in the US, offers insights for executives and investors alike. 8.21 8.25 9.11 9.07 9.09 MSH
10.01 MOST POWERFUL WOMEN IN BUSINESS: The original and most respected ranking of 50 trailblazing female executives. PLUS—PASSIONS & PERKS (quarterly special) 9.04 9.08 9.25 9.21 9.23 AH
11.01 THE 21ST CENTURY CORPORATION: A probing look at the connective tissue of the modern corporate enterprise—its technology. 10.02 10.06 10.23 10.19 10.21 MSH
12.01 BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR / FORTUNE CRYSTAL BALL: FORTUNE’s annual Businessperson of the Year and predictions for 2018. 10.30 11.03 11.27 11.23 11.18 AH
12.15 INVESTOR’S GUIDE / BEST IN BUSINESS 2017: How to invest in the year ahead with stocks, bonds, real estate and emerging markets. The best ideas, innovations, investments, hires and more of 2017. PLUS—PASSIONS & PERKS (quarterly special) 11.20 11.24 12.11 12.07 12.09 MSH

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